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Beardie Art Gallery
Purchase my artwork to be made into cards, Giclee painting OR many other items! Let's talk!

I can draw your Beardie(s) and personalize it just for you too! Available as gifts for your friends too!

Giftable Beardie Art customized for you!

Buy one card or 10 cards!! Or we can do a special size order for you, includes envelopes.

Email me with your requests. Many options are available. Just ask!
No. 2 brown Beardie
No. 2 Christmas card-Brown Beardie-snowflake background
No. 2-1 brown beardie
No. 3 Sebring pups-white bkgrnd
No. 3-1 Sebring-blue watercolor bkgrnd
No. 5 Beardie puppy
No. 5 black Beardie puppy
No. 5-1 Christmas card-Disney castle
No. 5-2 Puppy christmas card-red background
No. 7-12 Valentine's Day-no words
No. 9 black and brown Beardie puppies
No. 9 christmas card-black and brown puppy-blue background
No. 11 brown Beardie playing with black puppy
No. 13-1 brown whimsical Beardie
No. 13-2 black whimsical Beardie
No. 16 black Beardie looking up
No. 16-1 black Beardie looking up
No. 16-2 black Beardie looking up
No. 16-3 black Beardie looking up
No. 16-4 black Beardie looking up
No. 17 brown Beardie pup
No. 18 brown and black beardie-white bkgrnd
No. 18-1 brown and black Beardies-green bkrnd
No. 18-2 brown and black Beardies
No. 18-3 brown and black Beardies
No. 18-4 Christmas card-white background
No. 19 black Beardie sitting
No. 19-1 Thank You-words
No. 20 puppies in truck-blue bkgrnd
No. 21 brown Beardie pup
No. 22 black Beardie pup
No. 22-2 black Beardie pup
No. 24 brown beardie sitting-clear bkgrnd
No. 24-1 brown Beardie
No. 24-2 brown beardie
No. 25 brown beardie-brown flowing hair-brown bkgrnd
No. 28 brown young Beardie
No. 29 black Beardie pups
No. 30 black Beardie
No. 30 brown Beardie
No. 30-1 black Beardie
No. 30-1 brown Beardie
No. 33 Happy black Beardie
No. 33-1 Thank You- Happy black Beardie pup-horizontal-words
No. 33-3 Thank You-Happy Black Beardie pup-horizontal-words
No. 34 blue or black Beardie younger
No. 36 black Beardie
No. 36 brown Beardie
No. 39 Barnhunt Beardie
No. 39-1 black Beardie-green bkgrnd
No. 39-1 Thank You-horizontal-black words
No. 39-2 Thank You-horizontal-green words
No 40-3 black Beardie-hearts
No. 40 black Beardie head
No. 40-1 black Beardie
No. 40-2 Christmas card-red background
No. 40-3 Christmas card-white background
No. 41 black Beardie
No. 41-2 black Beardie-hair flowing
No. 41-3 black Beardie with flowing hair
No. 41-4 black Beardie with hair flowing
No. 41-5 Christmas card-white background
No. 42 black Beardie head study
No. 42-1 black Beardie head study
No. 42-2 black Beardie head study
No. 42-3 black Beardie head study
No. 42-4 black Beardie head study
No. 43 black Beardie coming at you
No. 43-1 black Beardie coming at you
No. 43-2 black Beardie coming at you
No. 43-3 black Beardie coming at you
No. 43-4 black Beardie coming at you
No. 43-5 black Beardie coming at you
No. 43-6 Hearts-horizontal
No. 43-7 Happy Valentine's Day-vertical-words
No. 43-8 Happy Valentine's Day-horizontal-words
No. 43-9 Valentine's Day-horizontal-words
No. 43-10 Hearts
No. 43-11 Roses-horizontal
No. 43-11 Roses
No. 43-12 Happy Valentine's Day-words
No. 43-13 Happy Valentine's Day-words
No. 43-14 Happy Valentine's Day-words
No. 43-14 Happy Valentine's Day
No. 43-15 Happy Valentine's Day-words
No. 43-15 Happy Valentine's Day
No. 43-16 Happy Valentine's Day-words
No. 43-16 Happy Valentine's Day
No. 43-17 Valentine's Day
No. 43-18 Happy Valentine's Day
No. 43-19 Feel Better
No. 43-20 Get Well
No. 43-21 Feel Better
No. 43-22 Get Well
No. 43-23 Feel Better
No. 43-24 Get Well-words-horizontal
No. 44 Herding ducks
No. 45 Beardie herding
No. 45-2 Herding black-faced sheep
No. 46 brown Beardie
No. 47  Christmas card-red background
No. 48 brown bearded collie-head shot
No. 48-1 brown bearded collie-head shot-blue watercolor bkgrnd
No. 48-2 brown bearded collie-head shot-green daisy bkgrnd
No. 48-3 brown bearded collie-head shot-purple dots bkgrnd
No. 50 Beardie-Pups-overalls
No. 50-1 Beardie youngster-Purple sky
No. 51-2 Beardie youngster-Purple-white sky
No. 51-3 Beardie youngster-Window effect
No. 51-4 sapphire-white-bkgrnd
No. 52 hippie beardie
No. 53 black beardie hippie-tongue
No. 54 black beardie pup-nevyn
No. 54-1 black beardie pup-nevyn -blue bkgrnd
No. 54-2 black beardie pup-nevyn -purple-pink-stars bkgrnd
No. 55-1 Tulip-blue bkgrnd-clouds
No. 55-2 black brown beardie-pink bkgrnd
No. 55-3 black brown beardie-blue grundge
No. 56 Black and Brown Beardie pups in Blue Bonnets
No. 57 Noah-blue-bkgrnd
No. 57-1 Noah-purple-blue-green-bkgrnd
No. 57-2 Noah brown-tan bgrnd
58-beardie head colorful
59 erik grass
59 erik rainbow
59 erik-rainbow2
60 hunter-roses
60 hunter-green-pink-purple watercolor
60 hunter-purple flowers
60 hunter-purple-pink-yellow swirl
61 Ligi-Dwight background-dots
61 Ligi-Dwight background-peonies-pink-lavender-ellow-orange
61 Ligi-Dwight backgrounds-hearts-pink-red-blue-lavender
61 Ligi-Dwight backgrounds-purple-blue-watercolor
61 Ligi-Dwight backgrounds-yellow-orange-watercolor
61 Ligi-Dwight-purple bkgrnd
61 Ligi-Dwight-white bkgrnd