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Check out the first card offering! That is the painting of my awesome Bogie.

He was my heart dog, missed every day.

But thanks to Susann, I have an incredible painting of him right above my desk that now makes me smile instead of cry. And months later, when Susann added these gorgeous cards to her offerings, I was able to order notecards that I am so pleased with!
Sue J

Purchased a commisioned personalized drawing
& notecards
Bogie-digital drawing for Sue J and presented her with a giclee 8x10"
  Dear Sue,

I saw your wide variety of Bearded Collie cards on your website.  I was so impressed by their beauty, it took me days to decide which one to order first.  This was not an easy task!  Once I decided, my only regret was not being able, at this time, to order more than one choice.  Once I placed my order and paid through Pay Pal, I was all set, and curious how they would turn out.  I had purchased other sets of cards and envelopes at National Specialties, but none could compare with what I was about to receive.They arrived within a short period of time from placing my order!  I could not believe the beauty of the cards and the condition in which they arrived in my mailbox.  Packaged to perfection, there was not one "dog eared corner" on any of them.  Wrapped in cellophane, and adorned with beautiful ribbon, the package was too pretty to open.  However, I did open the package to find each card to be just as they appeared on the website!  Nice heavy weight cards with envelopes to boot!  I would recommend anyone sitting on the fence as to "do I order or not," that you not hesitate, as you will be elated with your purchase!  Pick any one, two or even three of them, as they would make wonderful gifts as well as using them for your own person needs.


Marilynn Severson


Purchased notecards



Received my cards in the mail today and I absolutely love them! They are even cuter in person and the packaging was very nice with a lovely bow tied around the cards. These would make great gifts for any occasion!

Sarah P




Purchased commissioned notecards
  Purchased Valentine's Day cards   Purchased notecards

Sue! I don't know what to say!? I just received an amazing package today!!! Thank you SO much! The cards are extraordinary, and such a treasure to me for the covers of both, thanks to your talented work! I recognize the faces on both, and just couldn't believe it when I saw them! You're so thoughtful, and I appreciate it beyond words!


  Sent cards as a gift
Chase and Jett playing with a frisbee
      Chase puppy
  I LOVE the cards! Thanks for the extra special gift!
Sheree G
  Purchased notecards

Wow!  These cards are even more beautiful in person than they are on the site!  They are creative and stunning and the quality of paper stock wonderful!  I am actually looking forward to sending out cards!



Kimberly Nicholson

  Purchased notecards
brown and black Bearded Collie-hair blowing in the wind
  Also ordered another set after receiving the original order!   Purchased Christmas cards
brown and black Beardie-Christmas Card



  Bearded Collie Christmas Card
  This one got framed by the recipient of the card, as they loved it that much!   Reorder-framed by recipient

Susann Brody thank you so much for the gorgeous Beardie notecard order. Lovely cards, and the gorgeous packaging warmed my heart. Beautiful work. Thank you.

Janelle P.

  Purchased Valentine's Day cards
Giftable Bearded Collie card
  Got my cards from Susann Brody...LOVE! So pretty! Thanks so much
Valarie M.
  Giftable Bearded Collie Valentine's day card
  I received the spectacular cards today. I loved them.
You did a fantastic job and they are fantabulous.Thank you!

  Purchased Package Commisioned drawingBaxter-white background-Beardie Commissioned drawing
      Baxter-Commissioned Beardie Art Cards
      Baxter-Bearded Collie Commissioned Artwork
      Baxter - Bearded Collie Commissioned artwork