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About the Artist and contact information

Hello and welcome to information about me, the artist.
I started oil painting when I was young.
My mother had been an artist for many years and taught all of us kids how to paint.

In 2015 I started to help our local club by digitally drawing some Beardies, just for fun. Other fellow animal lovers, dog lovers, Beardie folk became enthusiatic and wanted to have their own dogs drawn or wanted to purchase things related to what I was showing on social media, and so the journey began!

I am inspired by the photographs given to me to use for my artwork. I truly have enjoyed each one. They inspire me!!!
Now I've been asked to draw other breeds. So BeardieArt is growing to be able to accomodate the requests!

I don't advertise the price of painting as it depends on the detail and what you are looking for.
Please email me so I can see what you are interested in and quote you a price.

can be reached by email

I offer Pet Portrait Photography - Personalized Bearded Collie Paintings - Paintings of Bearded Collies - Personalized Animal drawings!
The artwork can be put on cups, on a t-shirt, made into a greeting card as shown on this website and just about anything else.

Legal jargon:
Details of your hiring me: You always own the picture you sent for me to use. I own all the artwork created by or from the picture you authorized me to use (by sending me the photograph).
At no time do you own the artwork I draw for you. What you get is what you ordered along with the artwork done.