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Giftable Artwork, a perfect gift for yourself or others & Portrait Photography

Giftable cards for your friends of their breed of dog or animal.
Giftable cards of your breed of dog for your loved ones or friends that will love receiving such a unique card.

Giftable Bearded Collie cards. Bearded Collie Art personalized for YOU!
Giftable Breed Personalized Cards!
Personalized Pet drawings!
Other dog breed drawings and cards coming soon!! Corgie cards, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever cards, Labrador Retriever and Shetland Sheepdogs.
Yes, I can draw your pet, your dog, your cat or other animals! Please contact me to discuss.
Digital Artwork - Bearded Collie Art - Pet Portrait Photography !
Please view card section often!! Updated monthly!

Photo Session

Photo session with your pet, with you in the picture or alone! Fabulous to put onto unique items for gifts!
Book your photo session today!